Bank Deposit


Features of TabunganKu

  • No monthly administration fees.
  • The minimum initial deposit for opening an account is IDR 20,000.
  • The next minimum cash deposit is IDR 10,000.
  • The minimum account balance (after withdrawal) is IDR 20,000.
  • Dormant balance (no transactions for six months in a row).
    1. The penalty fee is IDR 2,000 per month.
    2. If the account balance reaches < IDR 20,000, the account will be closed by the system with an account closing fee of the remaining balance.
  • Account closing fees at the customer's request is IDR 20,000.
  • The minimum amount of withdrawal at the counter is IDR 100.000, except when the customer wants to close the account.
  • Interest is calculated based on daily balances and is not progressive.
  • Interest rates with balances.
    1. Below IDR 500,000 is not given interest.
    2. Above IDR 500,000 up to IDR 1,000,000 , 0.25% per year.
    3. Above IDR 1,000,000 , 1% per year.
  • Free passbook replacement fee.
  • Proof of ownership is in the form of a TabunganKu book and is not given an ATM card.
  • Other banking services and fees follow the Bank's requirements.

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Terms and Conditions

  • Individual savings for Indonesian citizens.
  • Opening an account must fill out a savings account opening form by attaching a copy of KTP / SIM / Passport.
  • One customer only has an account at one bank for TabunganKu products and is not allowed for joint accounts with "and / or" status.
  • Cash withdrawals and overbooking transactions can only be done at the bank office where the account is opened.

For further information, please contact Call INA 1500738 / nearest branch Bank Ina.