Vehicle Ownership Financing (KKB)


Vehicle Ownership Financing (KKB)

Vehicle Ownership Financing

Installment loan facilities provided by Bank Ina to individual debtors for purchase of two-wheeled motorized vehicles or four wheeler (passenger car) with collateral in the form of a purchased vehicle.

Debtor Criteria:

  • Indonesian citizenship.
  • Minimum age 21 years old or already/have been married.
  • Maximum age of 55 years old when the financing is due.
  • Ability to pay installments maximum 1/3 of income.


Tenor Flat Interest Rate / year Annuity Equivalent / year
1 year 3,28 % 6,00 %
2 years 3,48 % 6,55 %
3 years 3,68 % 6,93 %
4 years 4,28 % 7,93 %
5 years 5,48 % 9,97 %

*Interest may change according to bank regulations.

Terms and Conditions
  • Debtors are permanent employees of a company or professionals and entrepreneurs.
  • For a new vehicle for passengers (Passenger Car).
  • Loan term's 1-5 years.
  • Documents that must be completed include: :
    Dokumen Debtor's Occupation
    Employee Professional Businessman
    Personal identity Photocopy of KTP of Applicant and Spouse
    Photocopy of Family Card
    Photocopy of Marriage/Divorce Certificate
    (for those who are married/divorced)
    Photocopy of Notarial Marriage Agreement (Separation of Assets) Deed and registered with the KUA or civil registry (if any)
    Photocopy of personal NPWP
    Business & Finance Photocopy of Bank Account reflecting Salary or Business Turnover last 3 months    
    last 6 months  
    Original Employment Certificate and Salary Slip    
    Photocopy of Professional Practice License    
    Photocopy of Business Legality
    (SIUP/TDP/NIB, NPWP/etc.)
    Photocopy of Deed of Company Establishment and amendments (if any)    
    Photocopy of Financial Reports for the last 2 years    
  • Collateral Documents (additional):
    Collateral Document Debtor's Occupation
    Employee Professional Businessman
    Vehicle Photocopy of vehicle order letter from vehicle dealer or showroom.
    Photocopy of receipt and/or proof of transfer of payment receipt and/or down payment.