Tabina Green Untung
Periode promo 02 January - 30 June 2024

Tabina Green Untung

Plan for the Future with Futures Tabina
and Enjoy Eco Friendly Gifts


Tabina Green Untung is part of the Tabina Berjangka program with prizes, which has a variety of eco-friendly gift options.

Gifts Time Period Initial
Deposit (IDR)
Deposit (IDR)
Indication of Funds (IDR)
Oxone Electric Stove 1 burner 1 year 1.410.000 4.270.000 52.650.000
Oxone Electric Stove 2 burner 1 year 2.170.000 6.600.000 81.370.000
Viar C2 Electric Bike 2 years 13.830.000 11.920.000 299.910.000
Electric Motor Viar N1 5 years 38.542.000 5.431.000 364.402.000
Electric Car Wuling Air EV Standard Range 5 years 369.540.000 52.067.000 3.493.560.000


General requirements:
  • Customers will get the latest release of gifts directly.
  • Free monthly administration fee.
  • Initial deposit and monthly deposit according to the gift table.
  • The choice of time period according to the gift table.
  • Follow the general terms and conditions listed on the account opening form.
  • Deposits are debited directly (autodebit) from the source of funds account, which is done every month, according to the account opening date.
  • In the event of a debit failure, a late fee of 0.25 miles per day is imposed.
  • If you fail to debit 3 times in a row, the account will be closed automatically and a penalty fee equal to the initial deposit will be charged.
  • When the account is closed/matured, the balance is transferred to the account of the source of funds.
  • Cars and motorbikes will be given in Jakarta OTR conditions.
  • Official guaranteed gifts; Bank Ina is not responsible for the quality of the gifts. Matters relating to complaints about the quality of gifts can be addressed directly to the manufacturer of the gifts or the official service center.
  • The choice of variations/colors of gifts according to the available supplies.
  • If for any reason the supply of gift is not available, Bank Ina has the right to change and/or replace the gift with the same type and value. Bank Ina is hereby released from all claims and/or demands due to changes in the gift in question.
  • The terms and conditions of this program are fully determined by Bank Ina and Bank Ina has the right to change and determine additional terms and conditions related to this program, which will be notified in advance in accordance with applicable legal provisions.

For further information, contact Call INA 1500738 or visit the nearest Bank Ina branch office.