Periode promo 15 April - 09 July 2021


Tabina Berjangka Features

  1. Open a Tabina Perdana account and open Tabina Futures and select a period of 1 to 5 years.

  2. Then make an initial deposit and the Bank will debit the Tabina Perdana account for the monthly deposit until the due date (According to the Table).

  3. Prizes are awarded at the time of account opening.


Period 12 Month 24 Month 36 Month 48 Month 60 Month
Initial Deposit Rp. 7.872.000 Rp. 7.243.000 Rp. 7.105.000 Rp. 7.068.000 Rp. 7.065.000
Monthly Deposit Rp. 21.668.000 Rp. 5.535.000 Rp. 2.442.000 Rp. 1.350.000 Rp. 870.000
Target Funds Rp. 267.888.000 Rp. 140.083.000 Rp. 95.017.000 Rp. 71.868.000 Rp. 59.265.000


Tabina Futures Account Opening Terms and Conditions

  1. Intended for individual customers, it cannot be opened for joint accounts.
  2. Valid for new and existing customers.
  3. Must have Tabina Perdana account as the source of funds account.
  4. Complete the account opening form as well as other documents required by the Bank.
  5. Promo is available until July 9th, 2021.


Other Terms

  1. Withdrawals cannot be made until the due date.
  2. Do not get ATM card facility for Tabina Berjangka account.
  3. At maturity the account will be closed and the balance transferred to the source account of the funds.


Rates and Fees

  1. There is no monthly administration fee.
  2. No account closing fees are charged.
  3. The late deposit penalty is 0.25 per mile per day.
  4. If 3 consecutive months occur failed debit then the account will be closed and subject to a penalty of Initial Deposit. The remaining balance will be transferred to the source of funds account.

Reward Terms

  1. The prize will be sent to the customer's name and address according to the customer's data on the Account Opening Form.
  2. Prizes are received no later than 14 business days from the date of account opening.
  3. Each gift given will get shipping insurance coverage and warranty.
  4. Gift Delivery Insurance Claims :
    • Claims can be made within 2 x 24 hours after the goods are received by the recipient.

    • Customers are required to record a video when opening/"unboxing" the gift box. This is to be supporting evidence at the time of making a claim.

    • Customer can contact Customer Service or Call INA 1500738 to submit a claim.

    • the claimed goods will be delivered back to the customer within a maximum period of 14 working days from receipt by the vendor. (If in accordance with the terms and conditions set by insurance). ...

    • The cost of sending the goods claim to the Bank is borne by the customer.

  5. Gift Warranty Claim :
    • Given a 1-year warranty that will be calculated from the date the product is used.

    • Warranty is given for damage from Fitbit products in accordance with the terms and conditions set by Fitbit.

    • Claims can be submitted to Fitbit Service Centers.

    • The replacement of the claimed goods is 14 working days since the goods are received by the Fitbit Center Service Center (excluding the length of the delivery process).

    • Shipping costs for goods claims to Fitbit Service Centers are borne by customers.



Bank Ina is not responsible for the quality of prizes. Matters concerning complaints about the quality/quality of the prize are addressed directly to the nearest official Fitbit service center.

For further information, please contact Call INA 1500738 / nearest branch Bank Ina.