Periode promo 02 January - 30 June 2024


BI-FAST is a retail payment system from Bank Indonesia that is safer, cheaper, faster and operates 24/7.


Transaction Fee
No. Channel Promotional Fees
1. Internet Banking Individual (IBI) IDR 0 (FREE)
2. Mobile Banking IDR 0 (FREE)
3. Teller IDR 0 (FREE)
Transaction/s Limit
Channel Min. per Transaction Transaction Max. per Day
IBMB IDR 10,000 IDR 100,000,000 IDR 250,000,000
Teller IDR 10,000 IDR 250,000,000 -
IBB IDR 10,000 IDR 250,000,000 IDR 2,500,000,000


General requirements:
  1. Already have an individual saving account and/or current account.
  2. For transactions using INA Mobile Banking, make sure the application has been updated to Version 1.72 (Android) and 2.1.2 (iOS).
  3. For transactions at Bank INA branch tellers, please bring a passbook, debit card, and identity such as an ID card for verification purposes.